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URGENT! Phishing alert. Malicious e-mail originating from helpdesk@multiline.lu

You may recently have received message(s) from helpdesk@multiline.lu. These message are not legitimate. They must be discarded!


Please delete that/these message(s) immediately!


  • Do not open the attachment.

  • Do not click any link.

In case you already performed one of the above listed actions stop using Multiline on that computer and contact immediately either the Multiline Help Desk via helpdesk@multiline.lu, by phone +352.26.588.588 or your bank.

Cybercrime is everywhere!

MultiLine users may become victims of the increasing number of attempts of fraud, infection via e-mail or by simply visiting infected websites.
For this reason, it is important to keep the following recommendations in mind:


  • Remove your LuxTrust card/your signing stick from the card reader/the USB reader whenever you are not using them.
  • Check the amount and the account of the beneficiary before signing a payment.
  • Always keep your virus scanner, browser, operating system and firewall up-to-date.

Please note that MultiLine communications relating to maintenance works are always announced a few days in advance within a message at the LOGIN level. Any other communication, like pop-up windows or improper screen messages, is suspicious.

If you notice anything suspicious, immediately alert the MultiLine helpdesk by e-mail helpdesk@multiline.lu, by phone +352.26.588.588 or your bank.
For more information on Internet security: https://www.multiline.lu/index.php?id=71&L=1.

MultiLine V2.10 update available !

Always customer-oriented, MultiLine is pleased to inform you about the new features.

  • New look : MultiLine screens will be renewed ! After 7 years, we offer them a new youth ; the presentation will be clearer and more user friendly. For more information, thank you to consult our guide.

  • Certificate expiration : an alert will notify you of the impending expiry of the certificate LuxTrust.

  • New MultiLine middleware : a new middleware will be available for download from the 15th March 2015. The installation will be mandatory for the 1st of July 2015.

  • Windows XP : from the 1st of July 2015, MultiLine no longer works with Windows XP. Indeed, you must migrate your operating system to a new system supported by Microsoft to ensure the security of your computer. For more information on Internet security : https://www.multiline-cert.lu/index.php?id=71&no_cache=1&L=1.

Windows XP End of Support

As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP operating system (more information: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/end-support-help ).

MultiLine will do everything possible so that you can continue to work smoothly.


However in the medium term, we can not guarantee the proper functioning of MultiLine in an operating environment which is no longer supported by Microsoft.


The end of support means that you no longer receive any update whether ergonomics or safety, making your PC vulnerable to future attacks.


We know that the transition to a new operating system takes time and some preparation, but we strongly recommend you to migrate as quickly as possible to a supported Microsoft operating system.

MultiLine, the Luxembourg corporate e-banking solution

MultiLine is an e-banking solution intended for all companies and for institutional clients, whatever the size of their business. The application is simple to use...


MultiLine … where I want … when I want!

A genuine financial management tool with the advantage of being multi-bank, MultiLine moves into top gear by being accessible via the Internet. Whether you are abroad, on a trip ...



MultiLine: advantages for all

  • secure web accessibility 24/24
  • nominative access management and powers of signature
  • integration into accounting software
  • the latest security technology
  • a single helpdesk


MultiLine marketing partners make a social commitment to Laos

The MultiLine marketing partners have proven their social commitment by supporting development projects in Laos ...




Subscribing to MultiLine, nothing could be simpler:


The steps to follow


Phone : (+352) 26 588 588
Fax : (+352) 26 588 585

Monday to Friday:
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday morning:
from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
(except for bank holidays)

E-Mail: helpdesk@multiline.lu