MULTILINE V2.49 available!

You don’t need to take any particular action to obtain this new version, because it’s independent from the MultiLine’s middleware.

Always tuned to the need of our customers, MultiLine is pleased to inform you that a new version is available.

This version includes some improvements and corrections of minor bugs.


MultiLine’s IP addresses have changed. If your security equipments require these addresses to be modified, you will find these new addresses in the Technical requirements page.


Individuals calling on behalf of MultiLine or e-banking HelpDesk representatives are currently trying to reach out platform users, with criminal intentions.
The targeted users are requested to provide sensitive information (such as organization details, payment habits, PIN, etc), as well as to perform certain tasks on their computer (software download, visit web pages, etc.)
Please Ignore these requests!

MultiLine HelpDesk representatives never call users in order to inform them about platform maintenance nor about their usage habits.

For more information on Internet security: www.multiline.lu