MULTILINE V2.38 update available!

You have no action to take to get this new version, which is independent of the MultiLine middleware.

Always listening to customers, MultiLine is pleased to inform you that a new version is available.

  • IBAN was displayed without spaces in some cases. It is now correctly displayed.
  • Egypt and Libya join the list of countries that support IBAN: you are no longer obliged to use a “free format” to represent an Egyptian or Libyan account. IBAN is now supported for both ordering and beneficiary accounts, for both manually created and uploaded payments.
  • The performance of downloading bank statements with Chrome, FireFox or Safari has been improved.
  • This version includes also some improvements and corrections of minor bugs.


Windows 7 end of support

As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 operating system.

The end of support means that you no longer receive any update whether ergonomics or safety, making your PC vulnerable to future attacks.

We know that the transition to a new operating system takes time and some preparation, but we strongly recommend you to migrate as quickly as possible to a supported Microsoft operating system.

MultiLine will do everything possible so that you can continue to work smoothly. However, we can not guarantee the proper functioning of MultiLine in an operating environment which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

More information: https://support.microsoft.com/en-lu/help/4057281/windows-7-support-will-end-on-january-14-2020


MULTILINE is open to other browsers since version 2.30!!

The EBIS group in charge of developing MultiLine works every day to improve its application, integrating new functionalities and constantly ensuring the security and quality of its services. These improvements range from simple corrections to the implementation of new standards and are entered in different « versions ». The current version of MultiLine is version 2.30.

By connecting to MultiLine now, you can use your financial application in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Please note that the upload and download may act slightly differently depending on the browser used for your access.

To check if your browser version is compatible with the latest version of MultiLine, please consult our technical data sheet on our website www.multiline.lu.

For more information, please contact the MultiLine helpdesk by email helpdesk@multiline.lu or by phone +352.26.588.588 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.



Individuals calling on behalf of MultiLine or e-banking HelpDesk representatives are currently trying to reach out platform users, with criminal intentions.
The targeted users are requested to provide sensitive information (such as organization details, payment habits, PIN, etc), as well as to perform certain tasks on their computer (software download, visit web pages, etc.)
Please Ignore these requests!

MultiLine HelpDesk representatives never call users in order to inform them about platform maintenance nor about their usage habits.

For more information on Internet security: www.multiline.lu